When the Mets cross country is strewn with autographs, the Yankees will face another clash before the 2022 season.

TUMPA, Florida – Hell Steinbrenner says he had lunch with Steve Cohen several times that he looks like a good and fair guy, and Steinbrenner admits that New York is a better city when both baseball teams are thriving.

The Yankee owner suddenly has a new shadow to chase, much clearer than the one left by his late father, that the epic greenery and darkness of the tabloids made the club very popular and eventually won four titles over a five-year period. brought. a quarter of a century ago.

Although Hell’s comparison to George is pretty cool when the Yankees are on the roster and fail in October – as they have been every year since 2009, the last full year with the Boss in the owners box – it’s not entirely fair. The two men ran the franchise at different times, and Hol bears more of the family burden than George, who was the only one responsible.

In the second year of owning the Mets, Cohen, Steinbrenner will find a more compostable apple compost, given that both markets share the same operating parameters set by the Baseball League and are not available from the huge revenue streams for most teams.

Both played key roles in the new collective agreement, which was signed 99 days after the lockout – Steinbrenner sat on the committee of influential owners, Cohen was the ultimate target of the new tax code, which is now unofficially named after him. And when the spring study finally begins, the different ways both owners can be summed up in their franchise conversations.

Lawyer Isaiah Kiner-Falefa finally made the Yankees list after two trades within two days of the lockout.

Cohen, who surprised the baseball world by paying pitcher Max Scherzer $ 43.3 million a year after guaranteeing about $ 341 million to Francisco Lindor, was able to clear his relationship with his former office in just nine words.

“I didn’t tell them not to do anything,” he said Sunday in Port St. Lucia.

Steinbrenner in a concert with longtime general manager Brian Cashman decided not to give up on the shortest Carlos Correa and hoped that future Anthony Volpe and Oswald Peraza would one day play the role and spent a modest $ 32 million over two seasons until Anthony. Keep Rizza. instead of splitting the nine numbers needed to promote former MVP and playoff champion Freddie Freeman.

Thus, Steinbrenner needed about 250 words, more than numerous answers, to explain how the Yankees – while earning a salary of about $ 260 million – did not buy in markets that matched their influence.

He says he “can’t control what resources other owners or other teams have” and he and Kashman “consider everything” and “put no stone aside” and his job is to “make sure , that we are financially responsible ”. “a lot of partners, banks and bondholders have to answer.”

It was a sensible response to a fan base that was often nothing more and a significant difference from the Mets Cohen, who after years of low wages in the Vilpon regime is now expected to spend more than their external rivals and all $ 290 million less. .

So be it.

“I think we have that,” Steinbrenner said. “I think we have a team with a high level of championship.”

That’s right – the Yankees make one trot every year and make nine of 12 seasons after winning the World Series. But why did this edition of the Yankees, who won 92 games but lost in a wild game to Boston in October last year, cross the threshold into a “championship team”?

Right now, they’re in a mix of bank decks – and an uncomfortable cadre of officials – to provide spark.

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“We follow the rings”

Isaiah Kiner-Falefa could not have been more excited in the moments after losing his job.

It was the end of November and the Texas Rangers had just signed Corey Sieger to a $ 325 million contract, ending Kiner-Falefa’s four-year run in that position, all losing seasons, including 102 losses in 2021.

The Rangers ’sudden change to a half-billion-dollar deal put Kiner-Falefa on the trading block, and the lockout for 99 days forced him to dream of new directions.

“I put myself in the first place to trade. I knew other teams would appreciate me, ”Kiner-Falefa said.“ It was great to see that the twins followed me first and then the Yankees as well. But this is the team I wanted to play in.

“Before the lockout was over and Sieger signed, I said,‘ Oh, let’s have a New York opportunity. Minnesota came first, and now I couldn’t be happier. ”

Kiner-Falefa was a twin one day as Texas bought him to Minnesota, before the Twins tied him up with third bases Josh Donaldson and catch Ben Rortwedt for catch Gary Sanchez and third base Joe Urshela.

It was a transformative business that brought Donaldson an MVP certificate and a significant advantage to the corner of his club. This marked the end of a strong but sometimes adventurous stint as Sanchez’s main protagonist for the Yankees, while Glaiber Torres ended up in the short term.

And this is probably the most symbolic change in this club.

Torres was stunned and then dizzy and made 24 home runs in his 2018 debut season and then 38 home runs a year later when he became easy to take on the shortstop role, before both his spin and gloves left him.

At the moment, he is in second place, although pre-season trading remains possible. Anyway, the Yankees did an average of 180.

Kiner-Falefa finished third in the Premier League shorts with 10 defensive runs, while Torres finished 19th with a score of -10. Kiner-Falefa has never scored more than seven goals in a single season. But after a season of peaks and valleys – a losing streak in seven games in early September that nearly reduced their playoff chances – the Yankees are demanding stability at key diamond points.

“They loved my defense,” Kiner-Falefa said of his interview in the Yankees, “they liked my race, they liked my character.

“No matter what happens, I always play hard.”

A base of hungry fans from Correa may not want to hear this, but manager Aaron Boone insists he was also on the bed at the time of the lockout about Kiner-Falefa.

“Isaiah is a person I’ve been excited about all winter and hope we can get him and connect,” says Boone. “He’s a really athletic guy, a really good defender and a really good footballer. You feel like he really wants to be here and appreciates being here and expects to play well here. ”

In fact, Kiner-Falefa says, “the fact that we’re going behind the scenes is a good feeling.” But it is not yet known who will join him in this persecution.

When Rizzo agreed to a two-year, $ 24 million contract – his shirt number 48 hung in a clothing store on Wednesday morning – the Yankees were left behind in the ranks. The first base, Luke Voight, who reached the 22nd MLB in the short season of 2020, said he was ready for a business opportunity and noted that “now twice” that Rizzo’s acquisition would push him aside.

“I enjoyed New York,” Voight said. “This is the best place to play baseball. So we’ll see what happens. “

The move to second Torres pushes DJ LeMahieu into the rover role, between the first, second and third, and the latter option is particularly interesting as he pushes the 36-year-old Donaldson off his feet with a regular. LeMahieu’s death in 2021 – the percentage of slowdowns he dropped from .536 in 2019-20 to .362 when he played through a hamstring injury and other injuries – showed in the Yankees ’incompatibility.

Now, he’s a man who doesn’t have a full position in Year 2 of a six-year, $ 90 million deal. (The deal, it should be noted, is fully supported by the fans).

Torres may also find himself in the trading block, but if he is around, he should be more comfortable in seconds, where he will start 104 games in 2018 to gradually become a full-time shortlist and the results will decline.

“If you don’t do the right thing, it always puts pressure on you. This is the year I want to do the right thing for my team and come back, ”says Torres, who is now only 25 and three years away from the agency.“ I want to be a stable man. I know the game is very difficult.

“I know I can’t beat 4 to 4 every day with two homers.”

Narrow window

Maybe there is something about it. In the East AL, which is only becoming more treacherous day by day, the Yankees are aiming for a stronger foundation. Meanwhile, esteemed receiver Kyle Higashioka (who has hit 67, 181 strikeouts) and Rortwedt are players who can create a soft spot in the lineup, but provide a greater level of comfort and confidence for the pitchers thrown at them.

In any case, good health is vital from sluggers Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton; they played 148 and 139 games in 2021, respectively, and often kept the club. The referee will enter his final year before the release agency, saying he will not be negotiating for the season, and Steinbrenner says the club will focus on other additions before considering the referee’s future.

There aren’t many windows to close the current face of the franchise.

After falling to the luxury tax rate in 2018 and again in 2021, the Yankees will no doubt be doing even more this year. The winter award will not be bright, nor will it be paid with bills.

“You can talk about revenue, but you should also talk about our spending,” Steinbrenner said, referring to the city’s annual $ 80 million bond payments for the Yankee Stadium. “And we have some important things.”

That doesn’t include the $ 162 million over six years that the Dodgers put up for Freeman’s signing at the end of Wednesday and paid them $ 300 million, just after Cohen Mets. Steinbrenner’s clear pragmatism fades a little when a new kid across the city gets the headlines and hearts, mocks the taxpayers, and creates the impression that there’s always room for more.

The Yankees don’t leave this storm with their checkbook and are left with only one choice.

“I take on the same responsibilities every year – my family – it’s all about what we can do to field a champion team and try to win the World Series,” Steinbrenner said. “I’ll continue to do everything I can to get it done.”

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: The New York Yankees operate against the Mets crossover