Tyler Hurley: A 16-year-old talented boxer was stabbed to death on a spring-loaded bus with his coach

A 16-year-old boxer who was stabbed to death on a bus leaving school is shown jokingly and talking about pictures of his grieving team.

Tyler Hurley, who reached the amateur finals, has been described as a “good-for-nothing” player and ready to “start his bright future”.

He was hit by a bus while traveling on a highway in Chadwell Heath, Great London, at 3.55pm on Monday.

In shared photos no Independent by his boxing coach Adrian Martin, Mr. Hurley appears to be making pad drills quickly and preparing to strike boxing.

Tyler worked hard for his GCSEs, his teachers said, before being stabbed to death in front of a group of children.

He had come to see his friend carrying flowers to celebrate the day his father died 11 years ago.

Tributes have been paid to Tyler Hurley (right) after he was stabbed to death

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An insult was paid to Tyler Hurley (right) after he was stabbed to death

(Waltham Cross Amateur Boxing Club / Facebook)

Witnesses said a 16-year-old boy was attacked after an argument broke out on a bus in front of a group of children.

Paramedics rushed him to the hospital but were unable to rescue him.

His boxing coach, Adrian Martin, told Independent that Tyler had a “contagious power” and a “contagious smile” that “lit up the room.”

Mr Martin paid tribute to the 16-year-old boy, saying: “He was a humble boy, helpful to his colleagues and hardworking. She was gifted in so many ways – she was so real. “

And he told them Daily Mail: “She was the most talented child I ever met in the gym.”

“I really believed he would be a world champion one day … I can’t believe he lost his life because of this knife-killing crime epidemic.”

“Her mother was very strong in everything, but her twin broke,” he added. “It was the worst thing I’ve ever seen.”

Tyler (right) was ‘the loveliest boy’ who was a talented footballer and had a passion for boxing

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Tyler (right) was a ‘very popular boy’ who was a talented boxer

(Adrian Martin / Given)

In a statement on their Facebook page, Romford Boxing Club sent a message to Tyler Hurley, writing: “It is very sad to announce the death of former Romford BC and Joe’s Academy boxer Tyler Hurley.

“Words cannot describe how we all feel at this moment.”

Tyler Hurley won the national Amateur Boxing Alliance tournament for newcomers last year.

Tyler’s school principal described him as “a handsome, handsome young man who was about to start his own GCSEs.”

“He was a very good footballer and had a great love for boxing,” he said.

Tyler was attacked on a bus as it drove up Chadwell Heath high street in east London.

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Tyler was hit by a bus while climbing Chadwell Heath High Street east east London.

(Google Maps)

Carlton Tanueh, 18, who does not have a fixed address, has been charged with murder and two counts of possession of a firearm. He appeared in the Barkingside Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

Any witness or knowledgeable about the incident is requested to call the scene on 0208 345 3715.

Alternatively, dial 101 to quote CAD 4741 / 14Mar or contact the Crimestoppers NGO anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Chief detective Mark Rogers from the Met Police said: “The boy’s family should have their questions answered and I urge anyone who can help the investigation to show support, by calling the police.