‘That doesn’t seem fair, does it?’ Justin Thomas official debate

Justin Thomas and manager Andrew Miller on Saturday on the 1st hole in Innisbrook.

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Justin Thomas did not help with the law book, so he turned to the dictionary.

With a 90-second back and front with an official rule in Saturday’s third round of the Valspar Championship, Thomas sought relief from an outside bar after his loss in the par-5 1st in Innisbrook was sit two yards to his left. Thomas argued with Andrew Miller that the crash was a temporary unstable incident, and led to this colorful change, which was picked up by Golf Channel microphones:

“Okay, isn’t it – it’s usually not here? Is it here usually?” Thomas said.

“It’s usually not here, but we think it’s a border fence,” Miller said.

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“Okay, so it’s temporary, but it’s not an TIO,” Thomas said.

“Right,” Miller said.

“That doesn’t sound fair, does it?” Thomas said.

“Um,” Miller said.

“No? All right. Thank you,” Thomas said.

At the time, Miller hired Pete Dachisen, another lawmaker. Had the explosion been a temporary accident, Thomas would have opened up assistance under Domestic Law F-23. But because the fence was defined as an outside boundary for the tournament, he was forced to play his ball as it was. (The USGA website describes it this way: “You don’t get free relief from objects that illuminate or mark the class boundary. Driveway, a building, or a stake to mark your choice is to play with your ball while lying down, going down the penalty spot and the distance by playing again from the location of your last bat (see Rules 18.1), or decide your ball cannot be played (see Rule 19.1).

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On the radio, Dachisen told Miller that the fence is similar to the border fences used at Bay Hill, hosting the Arnold Palmer Invitational earlier this month.

“If there are stakes here like any other golf tournament you play, then it’s normal,” Thomas said, “but because of this it’s put here for this golf game you I don’t know. “

Denied relief, Thomas took to the street again. From 97 yards out on his third shot, he hit 10 feet and hit the hole.

“I think Justin has made a great impression on the temporary idea,” journalist Notah Begay said on the Golf Channel broadcast. “You see a series of similar activities at Bay Hill on the line, which is called a border fence. Most of it comes to the left of the 9th hole there.

“Unhappy break for JT. Maybe he’ll try to do something a little different. ”

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