Pundits’ All-time France-England Combined XV rugby is amazing

By rugby attack

Former England flyie Half Andy and former Frenchman Benjamin Kaiser recently compiled an all-time France-England Combined XV. BT Sports And maybe just create a perfect rugby team.

Each player provided a player from each country in their respective positions and then debated who should get the shirt, with host Craig Dool finalizing a position he could not agree on. Take a look at their teams:

Goode’s XV
15. Jason Robinson, 14. Anthony Watson, 13. Manu Tolgi, 12. Will Greenwood, 10. Jonny Wilkinson, 9. Matt Dawson; 1. Jason Leonard, 2. Jamie George, 3. Phil Wake, 4. Martin Johnson, 5. Mario Atoji, 6. Richard Hill, 7. Noel Beck, 8. Lawrence Delaglio

Kaiser’s XV
15. Serge Blanco, 14. Orlean Rogeri, 13. Philip Sela, 12. Yank Jazone, 11. Christophe Domenicki, 10. Frederick Michael, 9. Antoine Dupont; 1. Christiane Califano, 2. William Sarut, 3. Peter de Villiers, 4. Oliver Merrill, Fabian Peles, 6. Derry Dosstier, 7. Serge Bateson, 8. Emanuel Hernandezky

When the combined XV decision was made, there were some very simple decisions, such as the Jonny Wilkinson flyoff, where Kaiser said Frederick Michael would choose Jonny Wilkinson himself. On the other hand, there were some tough decisions to be made, the No. 4 shirt between Martin Johnson and Fabian Paulus, and no more than the choice between Serge Blanco and Jason Robinson in full sack. Goode decided to play the ‘World Cup’ card on several occasions, which is understandable.

Here’s how the Johnson vs. Paul debate went down:
Goode: “Easy for me, Martin Johnson, World Cup winning captain. Absolute legend of the game, say no more.
Caesar: “Fabian Paulus, 118 caps. He has won four Grand Slam and five Six Nations. A Black Legend.”
GO: “But how many World Cups? How many World Cups?

Here’s how Blanco vs. Robinson went under discussion:
Together: “Jason Robinson. For a guy who moves the game, from the league to the Union. Whoever puts his finger on the rugby field, does it well. If you knock him, you’re a hero. He can beat anyone just like no other in the game – he has fooled many of the best international players – Jason Robinson, the absolute hero.
Kaiser: “Serge Blanco. Just a killer slow, class action on the pitch. Weird, maybe not because of Jason Robinson’s ability to step up, but just because he was the most rugby player you could ever find.

What should have happened was Johnson would have to partner Paul in the second row and Robinson would have to run on the wing, but that’s not how it worked.

The XV is really a thing of beauty, though, with plenty of power and grit, and a lot of speed and flex in the back (which is mostly French-dominated). Despite the ‘World Cup’ card, France reached seven of England with eight players. take a look:

15. Surge up
14. Aurelian Rosary
13. Philip Stella
12. Will Greenwood
11. Christopher Dominicki
10. Jonny Wilkinson
9. Antoine Dupont
1. Jason Leonard
2. William Sarut
3. Phil Ware
4. Martin Johnson
5. Olivier Merle
6. Thierry Dusatoir
7. Nail back
8. Lawrence Delaglio