Pimblett-Vargas predictions, odds, pick and more

UFC London sees Paddy Pimblett return in his second fight for promotion. The Liverpool native meets Casola Vargas in his fourth fight of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. There are many strong opinions about the fight and most of them have to do with the pimple haircut. To be perfectly honest, the fight is supposed to be preparing Pimblett for him to break out and become a huge star in the promotion. The Liverpool native has been compared to Conor McGregor and is expected to have a similar career path if he manages to win his fights. Vargas hopes to prove everyone wrong and derail the hype train in front of his homeland.

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Paddy Pimblett was a big star of the Cage Warriors before coming to the UFC last year. There was a lot of talk about when the upgrade would actually bring him. For now, the upgrade is looking to slowly enhance his abilities. Adesanya has been criticized by many including Israel. It’s not fair that Kazula Vargas has a lot of people writing him off but that’s what happens when you encounter someone very famous. Pimblett won his UFC debut by big knockout. People don’t usually finish by blows and usually rely on a nice serving game for most finishes. Vargas will present a tough test on his feet with knockout power.

Casola Vargas is flying under the radar heading to the event and will be looking to make a big statement. Part of it flying under the radar has to do with Paddy Pemblet, and the other part has to do with him in combat only once a year. He had major knockouts on the regional scene but had trouble translating that into the UFC. Vargas exits with a big win over Rong Zhou by decision. There’s good reason the UFC matched him with Pimblett and they wouldn’t expect him to hit the London card. He has some loopholes in his grappling game and that would be a problem against the Englishman. Vargas will have the strength at his side and will be something to watch.

Below are the UFC odds, which show Pimblett-Vargas predictions, courtesy of FanDuel.

UFC odds: Pemblett-Vargas odds

Body Pemblete (-590)

(+440) Cazola Vargas

Most: 1.5 rounds (-112)

Under: 1.5 rounds (-112)

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How Paddy Pemblett wins the fight at UFC London

Buddy Pemblet is famous for his wrestling and this is the right fight for him to show off. Kazula Vargas showed some big gaping holes again in his UFC debut in 2019. Pimblett is having some issues facing him and this could be an issue with Vargas’ hidden strength. The path to victory for Pimblett is by pushing the fight to the ground and finding a brilliant surrender. He will likely seek a big knockout score in front of the London crowd, but that would be a risky move for the Liverpool native. Vargas’ strength and Pemblett’s defensive issues could lead to problems if the fight goes on too long. Pimblett most likely tests Vargas to his feet before finding a slight delivery in the second round.

How Kazula Vargas won the fight at UFC London

It was hinted that Cazola Vargas should get the knockout punch. So easy. Paddy Pemblet has some holes in his defense on his feet. Vargas has power but has struggled to make things go in the UFC. Staying off the ground and keeping the fight on the feet will be very important to Vargas. He’s been wrestling on his UFC debut and there’s a good chance it could happen here if he doesn’t stop for removal. He has to earn the respect of pimples on his feet and look to take advantage of the chaotic moments where the chin goes up and the hands go down. It’s a tough fight but there is a way to win for Vargas. He is most likely to win by knockout in the second round.

Pemblet Vargas Final Prediction and selection

Buddy Pimples is a huge favorite for good reason. The Englishman is expected to put on a big show at UFC London and win with certainty. Kazula Vargas will be able to deliver some big punches and could provide a frightening moment for Pimblett. Encountering will be an important point in combat as there is a clear advantage for Pimblett. Round one will be interesting, and it should be round two where there is an end for the Liverpool native. Pimblett finds submission by using his superiority in his grappling.

Final Pimblett-Vargas Pick: Paddy Pemblet wins submission in the second round.

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