Paulo Costa returns to shooting again after Sean Strickland is called

Paulo Costa responded by shooting Sean Strickland amid persistent rumors of a possible fight against him. The MMA community has recently been full of speculation that the UFC will likely book Costa against Strickland next.

Tarzan has previously talked about the possibility of facing Costa inside the Octagon. In a tweet posted in November 2021, Strickland mocked Costa and suggested he wanted to fight him.

In late 2020, Costa blamed his loss to the UFC middleweight champ, Israel Adesanya, for drinking too much wine the night before the fight. Strickland hinted at this, emphasizing that he would like to fight Costa, on the condition that the latter can get off the wine.

Interestingly, fellow UFC middleweight Darren Till has expressed an interest in fighting Strickland. However, Tarzan made it clear that he is not looking to fight yet but will fight either Costa or Jack Hermanson. Strickland’s tweet reads as follows:

“Instagram blocked me, joking about a dying pedophile I thought they didn’t like it lol!!!! Anyway I don’t fight Darren Till. I want Costa and if Costa can’t leave wine and biscuits, I want Jack.”

I got blocked from Instagram, I joked about the death of a pedophile and I think they didn’t like it lol!!!! Anyway I don’t fight Darren Till. I want Costa and if Costa can’t leave the wine and biscuits I want Jack.

Paulo Costa has now added fuel to his long-running feud against Strickland by accepting the challenge he faces. “The Eraser” posted a tweet that included a phrase in English plus one in Brazilian Portuguese:

The English phrase reads as follows – “Let’s do it, mouse.” Meanwhile, the Brazilian Portuguese phrase roughly translates to – “We’ll see if he’s really a bully.”

Let’s do that mice. 🐀 We’ll see if he’s really a bully.

Chael Sonnen thinks ‘golden goose’ Sean Strickland can take the title with victory over Paulo Costa

Strickland is currently running a six-fight winning streak and has established himself as a legitimate middleweight competitor. Furthermore, he has displayed a more outspoken version of himself recently, which has further increased his popularity in the mixed martial arts world.

in version after the fightMMA legend Chael Sonnen has indicated that Strickland could be the next big draw for the UFC. Sonnen then discussed the possibility of a match between Strickland and Costa.

Costa was comfortably defeated by UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya in 2020 and is in a losing streak. Given that, Sonnen saw that Costa was unlikely to get a title shot even if he beat Strickland. However, if Strickland beat Costa, he would likely be awarded the UFC Championship title. Sonin said:

“It’s pretty clear that Sean Strickland (he) is one win away (from the title shot)…if we get another golden goose at Shaun Strickland…it doesn’t matter who Shaun beats, Sean just has to have a match between them now and availability.” Next up for a world title fight.”

Watch inside the scoop: Sean Strickland vs. Paulo Costa.