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Electronic Arts is at the forefront of sports gaming and has been for over forty years. Electronic Arts dominates the sports gaming genre with juggernaut titles such as NBA 2K, Madden, FIFAthe Need for Speed franchise, and NHL. These titles are constantly updated with current rosters, exciting new features, and smoother graphics than previous installments.

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NHL 23 was released recently with several new features and abilities in-game, along with the top teams of the National Hockey League. Each team is represented gracefully down to individual playing styles, strategies, and overall playing power. Players can choose from over thirty teams in the United States and Canada. Each team has a thorough team rating that sets them apart from the rest and represents their skill on the ice. Here are some of the best teams to play in NHL 23 based on team rating.


6/6 Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs is the proud team of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They were renamed after the Toronto ST. Patricks in 1927. The Maple Laves sport blue and white jerseys this season and have a total of six division championships under their belt.

In NHL 23, the Toronto Maple Leafs excel in offensive and defensive playstyles, having a rating of ninety-two in both areas. The head coach of the team is Sheldon Keefe, who has served as the team’s coach for four years, and the team’s captain is John Travis, six feet and two hundred pounds and a first-round overall draft pick in his debut. Travis has had a spectacular time with the Maple Leafs having had four playoff visits since joining the team.

5/6 Nashville Predators

NHL 23

The Nashville Predators wear blue, gold, and white jerseys with a Pokemon-type logo of a saber-toothed tiger. Based out of Nashville, Tennessee, the Predators have competed in the National Hockey League under the name since being founded in 1998. The team’s captain is Roman Josi, a highly celebrated defensive player who became the first Swiss player to win the James Norris Memorial Trophy .

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Since joining the Predators, Josi has led the team to the playoffs eight times. The Nashville Predators have a solid overall team score in Offense and Goaltending but major in their defensive power having a score of ninety-two. The Predators have won two division championships, one conference championship, and one president’s trophy.

4/6 Colorado Avalanche

NHL 23

The Colorado Avalanche is an extremely strong team in NHL 23 with an overall ranking of ninety-one. The Avalanche have blue, burgundy, and silver jerseys and were founded in 1972. In the game, the Colorado Avalanche excel at defensive play having a powerhouse rating of ninety-seven.

At the same time, their other offensive and goalkeeping scores are average across the board for top teams in the game. Gabriel Landeskog is the team’s captain, playing the left-wing position. He has led the team exceptionally as the Avalanche took home the Stanley Cup in the recent season playoffs. However, the team’s skill crosses over in the game as all opponents will need a chisel to break through the Avalanche’s formations.

3/6 Boston Bruins

NHL 23

The Boston Bruins are one of the most notable teams in the National Hockey league, easily identified by their white, black, and gold jerseys. The Bruins are an aggressive team with an equally bold style of play NHL 23 but are a solid all-rounder type of team in the game. The Bruins have an individual team score of ninety-one, majoring in defensive skill with a score of ninety-three.

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The team’s legacy is star-studded, with multiple division championships and six Stanley Cup wins. The team’s captain is Patrice Bergeron, who plays center, being with the Boston Bruins for over a decade.

2/6 Carolina Hurricanes

NHL 23

The Carolina Hurricanes come in with a mighty ninety-two team rating in NHL 23. The team is strong across the board but majors in offense with a peak score of ninety-four. The team dons bright red and white, or sometimes black, jerseys that create a powerful presence on the ice.

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Players will have no trouble leaving any team in the dust struggling to get their footing. Jordan Stall plays center and serves as the team’s captain. Having a strong overall record, Stall succeeds in leading the Hurricanes and oppressing the other team with his presence. The history of the Hurricanes has had a second coming in recent seasons, with the team securing a metropolitan championship for the first time in the team’s career.

1/6 Tampa Bay Lightning

NHL 23

The Tampa Bay Lightning is an exceptional NHL hockey team that consists of top-tier team chemistry, strategy, and awareness on the ice. Having recently won back-to-back Stanley Cup trophies before being dethroned by the Colorado Avalanche, the Lightning are a force to be reckoned with in and out of NHL 23.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have above-average goaltending, offensive, and defensive capabilities, all ranking above ninety in their scores. The team’s captain, Steve Stamkos, has an overall rating of ninety and doubles in both the Right Wing and Center positions. The blue and white jerseys of the Lightning glide across the ice with confidence and aggression as the total package for players seeking to tear apart opponent formations as they enjoy NHL 23 on Xbox Game Pass.

NHL 23 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X.

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