Namibia: A Boxing Box at Helao Nafidi

A NIGHT of boxing is looming on Saturday with the Independence Celebration Boxing Bonanza at Helao Nafidi town hall in Ohangwena district.

A total of 13 organized wars, including two world titles and three world titles.

At a press conference in Windhoek yesterday, promoter Nestor Tobias said boxing fans were in the news.

“All the fights have been confirmed and approved by the WBO boxing governing body and the Namibian boxing governing body so everything is ready for a fantastic boxing night. We have five title fights planned and we have an exciting card waiting for us. Make it very accessible for everyone to come and support the boxers,” he said.

The match kicks off at 17h00 where there will be a first six underground fight, featuring Namibian boxers such as Frederick Nghutenanye, Nestor Thomas, Lazarus Shaningwa and Lineekela Nghifindaka.

The first title fight is scheduled for 19h00, when Bernard Bernard faces Emmanuel Mungandjela in the welterweight title fight.

It should be an exciting match between Bernard and undefeated after six fights, with Mungandjela having a record of 16 wins, three defeats and one draw.

This will be followed by two other non-title fights – a featherweight fight between Martin Mukungu and John Shitilitha, and a junior lightweight fight between Sebastianus Natanael and Gerson Vaeta, both fights scheduled for six rounds.

The national junior welterweight fight between Paulus Lazy and Elson Kalus is scheduled to start at 20h40.

Amavila still has more experience, has a good record of eight wins and one draw, and Kalus has a record of three wins, one draw and one strike.

The first African fight is scheduled for 21h30 when Charles Shinima will defend his WBO Africa welterweight title against South Africa’s 10 Mziwoxolo Ndwayana.

Shinima is undefeated after 13 fights, but faces an experienced customer in Ndwayana, who has a record of 19 wins, six defeats and one draw.

At a press conference yesterday, Ndwayana made it clear that he was not impressed with Shinima.

“I am here to fight and I will win the war, I have seen the fights he has fought (Shinima) but against weak boxers so he is a K level boxer in Africa. I will show him what I have on Saturday, he will be busy killing each other, ”he said.

“This is not my hometown, I am South African, this is not my country, but I will take the crown home, that’s all I can say,” he added.

Shinima had nothing to say, but she showed confidence.

“My title, I defend it and it will stay at home, no matter what.

The second continental title fight is scheduled for 22h10 when Jon Jon Ndjolonimus will defend his WBO Africa super middleweight title against DRC’s Erick Tshimanga 12 rounds.

There should be a clash between two undefeated boxers, Ndolonimus has won 13 fights in a row, and Tshimanga has won nine fights and drawn one.

Tshimanga will arrive in Namibia this morning, but speaking to his coach, Junior Assoya, Ndolonimus said his opponent could expect a tough fight.

“I don’t know why he hasn’t arrived yet, I don’t know if he will visit or anything, but he will come in pain, tell him when he arrives that he will be in pain.”