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Lee Priest made a reputation for himself in bodybuilding with unimaginable arms and detailed conditioning. In a current YouTube video, Priest opened up about a few of the compounds he used throughout his prolonged tenure.

Main a profession that occurred from the Eighties to the 2000s, Priest’s consistency made him troublesome to deal with on stage. The bodybuilder competed in opposition to a few of the sport’s most notable athletes, like eight-time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler, and Shawn Ray. Whereas he was by no means in a position to seize a Sandow trophy, Priest managed to qualify for the celebrated Olympia occasion plenty of occasions.

Earlier than crusing off into retirement, Priest gained three reveals beginning with gold on the 2006 Iron Man Professional. After capturing the title on the Night time of Champions present in New York subsequent, he earned the ultimate victory of his profession on the 2013 NABBA Mr. Universe competitors. On account of his brash and outspoken nature, the Australian native was banned from the IFBB Professional League at one level however has remained vocal within the bodybuilding group, nonetheless.

Priest has redirected his deal with a physique transformation lately. He admitted that his food plan hasn’t been too excessive and recommends anybody studying from him to not overthink issues on the subject of weight-reduction plan or cycles. Particularly, Priest made it clear that he is utilizing 300 milligrams of artificial testosterone weekly. In response to the 50-year-old, he discovered it troublesome to push extreme quantities of substances throughout his prime.

Lee Priest on Steroids All through Profession: ‘I By no means Used A lot Gear’

Lee Priest

In a current video with Fouad Abiad, Priest opened up about his contest cycles and added that food plan performed a big position in how he absorbed the compounds.

“That is why I by no means used a lot gear. It is like even taking a check, folks would at all times say I used to be mendacity. If I used sus 250, let’s simply say it is 250, I take two mill, which is 500. After I took sip I took 400. You bear in mind Trevor from Nuclear Vitamin? Massive Man. He was actually into the heavy coaching.

He was mid 300-pounds. He mentioned Lee, ‘think about in case you took extra?’ I mentioned, ‘okay.’ I took 800 milligrams and felt like shit! It is laborious to explain, you realize while you’ve been consuming clear, and also you eat dangerous meals, and you are feeling kind of poisonous and shit. Properly, that is how I felt.” Lee Priest defined.

Priest maintained that his cycle throughout the 90s would price round $1800. He additionally doubted the efficacy of human development hormone on the time.

“I went again to the small dosage and once I was preparing for the Iron Man and the Arnold in the identical body, my complete cycle most likely price me $1800 as a result of I did development twice my complete life, 94′ and 96′. I’ve by no means finished it since. I am considering now I am 50, considering now it’s going to perhaps work. My first development I took two IUs and 4 and naturally I used to be round 22 and 24, and thought perhaps as a result of I am younger I did not discover it. I mentioned, ‘fuck, I would relatively spend the cash on Winstrol or Stanisol, I understand how that works.’

Winstrol and Stanisol had been common steroids throughout his time as an lively professional. Priest in the end decreased his dosages of each and talked about that he stayed in ‘just about the identical form.’

“Then, even when it got here to Winstrol and Stanisol, everyone is like ‘you gotta take it each second day and water based mostly and shit,’ so many occasions I put it in my shoulder and the needle a bit and I am like, ‘fuck it’ and simply squirt it down the sink. Then I had the bottle down, and I seemed on the bottle and it says two mills for 100 kilos each two weeks for a horse. I am like if a fu**ng horse wants two mills each two weeks, why the fu** am I taking one mill each second day? So I began utilizing it each fourth day. I used to be just about in the identical form.”

Earlier than a contest, Priest revealed that he would typically use Dianabol, Anadrol 50, Clenbuterol, and T3.

“My cycle for a contest would typically be again then, I would say sus 250, I take a mill or two mill per week perhaps one Dianabol a day or Anadrol 50 or Clenbuterol or T3 earlier than a contest. Individuals had been like how one can take Anadrol and D-Bol, it holds water. I mentioned, ‘in case you’re consuming clear’ then it does not actually.

Low season it does as a result of it is the shit meals you are consuming with it that holds the water. I’ve at all times been trustworthy, that will annoy me, as a result of I instructed folks to hear, if I took 1000 or 2000, guys, I speak about my intercourse life, you suppose I’ll lie about fuc**ng steroids? ‘”

The bodybuilding veteran believes a physique cannot make use of extreme quantities of substances. Lee expressed concern over youngsters in England now taking upwards of 5 grams of testosterone weekly.

“I feel I even mentioned in direction of the tip, relaxation in peace, Bostin Loyd, he even got here to the conclusion that he did not want that a lot shit that he took over all these years. Your physique cannot use it. Sure, some do go increased. I have been to England and finished seminars and a few of the younger youngsters over there, some are taking 5 grams of check per week. The place the fu** do you set this? The one man benefitting is the man you are shopping for it off of. He is making a fortune.”

Priest Tells Story About Paul Dillett’s Cycle: “He Liked Clen Extra Than Something”

Priest remembered dwelling with Paul Dillett after the veteran bodybuilder left his spouse. He stayed with Priest for eight months and so they each realized about one another’s cycles. Lee mentioned that Dillett’s favourite compound was Clenbuterol by far.

Paul Dillett
Paul Dillett

“That is the humorous factor, when Paul Dillett left his spouse, he lived with me for eight months. We have all heard the rumors, Paul is that this genetic freak, he will be taking shit, however we might be the identical, we would sit on the sofa. He beloved Clen greater than something. He’d go, ‘hey son, flip the air up,’ he goes, ‘I am burning up.’ He is sweating from the Clenbuterol as a result of he hated doing cardio.

There was this shitty fruit bowl sitting on the espresso desk, we loaded up a syringe every and put it there. He asks, ‘have you ever had your shot but?’ I mentioned, ‘no, I am unable to be bothered.’ And he is like ‘me neither.’ And he’ll be sitting there for days and like I mentioned, essentially the most I ever noticed Paul take of development, essentially the most ever was 16 IUs as a result of he simply dealt with the factor as soon as, and goes, ‘fu** it.'”

Earlier than Dillett took his abilities to the Iron Man present again within the 90s, Priest remembered a comic story concerning the bodybuilder flying a woman out to accompany him throughout prep. As Lee walked by Dillett’s room, he seen Dillett was handed out bare, getting his physique shaved by the girl he flew out to go to him.

“I bear in mind he flew some woman in, I walked upstairs. I needed to go his room to go to my room. He is loud night breathing he is head off, and I am like what the fu** did I simply say. This was simply earlier than the Iron Man reveals.

Right here is Paul fu**ng laying unfold out on the mattress, no garments on. The fuc**ng poor woman that he is flown in sitting on the sting of the mattress with a bucket of water shaving him whereas he is fuc**ng sleeping. I am such as you lazy fu**ng cunt.”

Priest dismissed the concept of ​​returning to a bodybuilding competitors regardless of Olympia government Jake Wooden saying Masters Olympia might return ‘positively by 2023.’ The bodybuilding veteran mentioned that if the present permits for 50+ older athletes, then he will certainly contemplate it sooner or later.

Given the well being issues that proceed to have an effect on the game, Priest is bringing extreme steroid use into the limelight. Bodybuilding legend Arnold Schwarzenegger can also be attacking the problem in his personal means. He known as bodybuilding ‘essentially the most harmful sport on this planet’ and believes athletes are taking issues too far these days.

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Lee Priest is eager on having fun with retirement, however certainly his expertise and data surrounding steroids are welcome to many athletes on the rise. Whereas Priest used three or 4 compounds throughout his prime, as of late, he is been sticking with 300 milligrams of testosterone weekly.

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