Kneejerk United – final changes (part 4)

Welcome back to Kneejerk United, [r/FantasyPL](’s very own FPL team. Together, we will navigate an entire season of fantasy football as a community, managing weekly transfer and captain choices, as well as dealing with wildcards, bench boosts… and a mid-season World Cup. Taking your suggestions at every step of the way took us to a 90k finish last year with 2,511 points and it was a lot of fun! — Well ladies and gentlemen, this is it. The 2021/22 Premier League season was concluded 75 days ago, but it all resumes again tonight! Kneejerk United has been put together over the past two weeks, and in the [previous post]( we asked for the very final potential changes to the squad. Before looking at these change ideas though, here is a reminder of the squad as things stand (players in [square brackets] are nominally on the bench): >Raya • [Ward]
> >TAA • Cancelo • Trippier • Gabriel • Robertson > >Salah • Sancho • Martinelli • [Bailey] • [Andreas]
> >Kane • Jesus • [Archer]

From your transfer suggestions, 4 were a lot more upvoted than the rest, and they are all fairly similar (players in **bold** are included in more than 1 suggestion): * [**Raya** -> **Iversen**]( * [**Raya** + **Sancho** -> **Iversen** + Mount]( * [**Raya** + Bailey + **Gabriel** -> **Iversen** + Dasilva + **James**]( * [**Raya** + **Sancho** + **Gabriel** + Trippier -> **Iversen** + Saka + **James** + Williams]( The keen-eyed among you will have noticed that **Raya -> Iverson is included in all 4 suggestions**. We transferred in Ward during the previous round of changes, and Iverson would complete a Leicester goalkeeper double, which crucially also brings in 0.5m to the bank. **We currently have no spare funds**, and each of the transfer suggestions above require the generated money from this keeper swap in order to be funded. **Could you therefore firstly please vote if you want to make the goalkeeper swap. Voting to keep Raya means no other changes can take place.**

[**GOALKEEPER POLL**]( Next, we move onto the outfield players. If the goalkeeper poll’s outcome is to keep Raya, then this second poll will be disregarded; but assuming the vote is to swap to Iversen, then it makes these transfers all available. **You are able to select multiple options on the following poll**, so for example if you want to get rid of Sancho but don’t mind whether we bring in Mount or Saka, then you can vote for options 1 and 3. **Please vote on which set of transfers you want to implement here:**

[**OUTFIELD PLAYERS POLL**]( — Following the results of these polls, we will be properly kicking the season off by asking for the captain & bench players for gameweek 1, early this afternoon. — **KJU mini-league details** The Kneejerk FPL mini-league and cup are back for another season! The league has been renewed from last season, so anyone who participated last year will have automatically re-joined. Last season, the mini-league was won by It’sTheHopeThatKills (Gustav Sotkajærvi) with a final score of 2,707 points, while the inaugural cup was won by The Unforgettables (Zaryab Khan). Who will come out on top this year for bragging rights within the KJU community? Good luck to everyone! If you would like to join the mini-league, the join code is **ppp32c**. — Kneejerk United is being managed by [u/aFailG](, [u/chibibabymoon]( and [u/FireflyKaylee]( If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the team, or if you wish to be added to the notification list for future posts, please feel free to comment below or message any of us.

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