“I Was Offered Mortal Kombat, Stranger Things” – Former WWE Champion Reveals He Was Offered a Role in Two Major Film Franchises

Former United States Champion Bobby Lashley is ready to go to war at Survivor Series WarGames in a Triple Threat Match against the current US Champion Seth Rollins and Austin Theory. Lashley’s second run in the company has proven to be more fruitful than his previous run in 2005. Earlier this year, Lashley was involved in a feud with his counterpart Brock Lesnar. Besides wrestling, Lashley is known for dabbling in MMA.

With a record of 15-2, Lashley had quite a successful career in MMA. But did you know that ‘The Almighty’ has been featured on the silver screen a couple of times? The master of the Hurt Lock is a man with many talents. However, he has reportedly expressed that nothing can supersede his passion for wrestling.

Bobby Lashley reveals he was offered a role in Stranger Things and Mortal Kombat

Bobby Lashley is a familiar face on the silver screen as he has worked on multiple films such as Blood Out, The Way of War, and Beatdown. Although his first role in the movie Beatdown was a cameo, Lashley continued to get offers from major franchises.

In an interview with Sidewalks Entertainment, the former WWE Champion revealed that he was approached for acting roles in Netflix’s original Stranger Things and Mortal Kombat. However, Lashley turned the offer down as he was more focused on having a career in WWE and acting was not his priority.

I was offered Mortal Kombat. There was Stranger Things. There were a lot of different ones that I was offered. At the time, I wasn’t really focused on doing that. I was fighting at the time; I was trying to get back in professional wrestling. The acting part was something that I was interested in, but I don’t think it was the right timing. When I came back to WWE, I started doing more acting classes, working on that, and now I’m more open to doing it,” Lashley said.

According to Lashley, he hasn’t completely bid farewell to the film industry as he pointed out that he would be interested in taking up roles once he decides to “slow it down” in pro wrestling. Until then, Lashley is going to stay tenacious in pro wrestling and claim more World Titles under his belt.

Bobby Lashley reveals that he is currently working on a reality TV show.

It is not uncommon to see WWE wrestlers being featured on reality TV shows. Many wrestlers such as The Miz and Maryse, Cody Rhodes, and almost the entire Women’s division have been featured on reality shows.

Miz and Maryse have their own reality show called ‘Miz and Mrs’. Similarly, Cody Rhodes’s reality show is called ‘Rhodes To The Top’. Further during the interview, Lashley revealed that his reality show is in the works.

“I love to flip houses … that deals with how me and my team put together different flips and go from place to place.”

According to the two-time WWE Champion, the show is in the developmental stages. Although Lashley remained discreet about the show’s premise and did not give out much information, time will reveal what the show entails.

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