His ex-Quevilly coach recounts the rise of Jonathan Klaus

Lens’ Jonathan Claus was called up to the France national team on Thursday for the first time in his career. His former Quevilly-Rouen coach, Emmanuel da Costa, proudly recounts the player’s meteoric rise calling him a true “sunbeam.”

US (national) coach Emmanuel da Costa proudly faced Jonathan Claus’s call-up to France’s national team on Thursday, when Didier Deschamps announced the Blues’ roster for the friendlies against Ivory Coast and South Africa. And for good reason, he had it in Quevilly-Rouen in 2017-2018 on his orders.

“It’s fun and rewarding to be able to go a little further with a player discovering the France team,” explains the former right-side coach. “He was a real ray of sunshine, a joke as we like them, he continued. It was a long battle to recruit him…it made him turn around because he was on his way to sign in Belgium. He had above average qualities. He could cross from anywhere, and he put on caviar without strength. Driving, like Jerome Rothen (laughs). It’s very rare to have this kind of player at the National.”

started from nothing

Expected with Team France on Monday, Jonathan Klaus revealed himself of late. His eight years at RC Strasbourg ended in failure. The Alsatians did not continue at the end of his training, returning to CFA 2 at the age of 18, French Fifth Division. Broken dream? Not entirely.

“At the National, we see a lot of players coming out of the training center and not signing the pros, says Emmanuel da Costa, his former coach at QRM. Most of the work is psychological. Their dream has been shattered… Motivation, telling them nothing is over. These experiences shaped the man who It is Jonathan today.”

Recruited into Ligue 2 by promoted Quevillais, Jonathan Clauss has spent a full season: 29 matches, one goal and eight assists. Klaus has stats… that’s the envy. “RC Lens had already seen him at the end of his season with us. Eric Roy (Lensues sporting director at the time, editor’s note]came looking for information but we never imagined that he would one day reach the top level”, insists Emmanuel da Costa.

Finally, Jonathan Klaus will continue his lead in Germany. In 2018, he signed for three seasons with Armenia Bielefeld (German Second Division). The start of the promotion that will make the Alsatians reach the French League after two years.

Revelation in Lens

Revealed in Ligue 1, Jonathan Klaus in the Model Team for the 2020-2021 season: The Lensois piston has become the benchmark for his league position. The second best passer in the tournament (9) behind Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi (10), he already has three more points than last season.

Jonathan Klaus is the second most used player by Frank Hayes, his coach at RCL. Success makes Emmanuel da Costa proud: “Personally, I congratulate him. I am very happy. There have been clashes but today he understands why I was so annoying and demanding. Congratulations to him, he owes his choice only to himself. I give him big kisses and wish him well, because the best has not comes after.”

Regularly mentioned among the credible candidates for the France right-back position, Jonathan Claus is now part of Didier Deschamps’ roster. With the Blues, against Cote d’Ivoire and South Africa he will probably celebrate his first selection, aged 29. See you on March 25th and 29th.