Hiker Who Fell 500 Feet off a Hiking Trail Saved After Rescuers Endured Severe Weather Conditions

Hiker Who Fell 500 Feet off a Hiking Trail Saved After Rescuers Endured Severe Weather Conditions

Rescue operations endured severe weather conditions and cold temperatures as a hiker accidentally fell 500 feet.

The rescue was not easy because the air evacuation was impossible due to the bad weather.

Recently, portions of the United States suffered from heavy rain and snow as severe weather threatened the much-awaited Thanksgiving.

The forecast said the heavy rain with thunderstorms in parts of the US could persist until the weekend.

Rescue operations against severe weather conditions


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The colder temperatures signaled the coming winter season of 2022.

The severe weather conditions contributed to the colder weather.

Meanwhile, AccuWeather’s latest forecast showed that a woman got stranded on Colorado’s Mount Yale.

According to reports, the woman was traveling and hiking on the mountain.

With the help of a location device, the hiker with the woman sent an SOS message at 4:00 pm, alerting authorities about the accident.

The severe weather conditions caused strong wind gusts and risks of accidents for mountainers and rescue operations.

AccuWeather’s report showed that air rescue using a helicopter was not pursued due to the severe weather conditions. The helicopter tried to rescue but was unsuccessful due to the current weather.

The rescuers decided to track the area facing cold temperatures, terrain, and snow.

The report added that the 18-member team chose to walk on foot on the coldest night.

Because the helicopter rescue was impossible, the rescue and the stranded victim were provided with survival kits and gear to feel the warmth.

The woman was then transferred to a medical helicopter at daybreak. With the help of the rescuers and dedication, the woman was brought to the hospital.

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The report also added the importance of being prepared for hiking, especially in Colorado’s mountains.

It suggested that hikers should have important necessities, including GPS, first aid kid and emergency supplies, beacon locators, and other hiking materials.


Hiking is one of the best hobbies and workouts, offering health benefits for the body. The said outdoor activity is popular with many.

However, hiking could also become dangerous. Here are some tips when you plan your hiking.

Planning ahead

It is essential to plan for hiking. Review the destination and terrain to prepare your body better. Familiarizing yourself with the mountain, terrain, weather, and area would help you to know the situation.

Check the severe weather updates for potential weather conditions that could cause hazards in hiking. You could also visit the website of the place you would like for travel hazards or reminders.

Prepare essential items

There are many reports you could visit for the top 10 important items or preparations as you go hiking.

Some are the first aid kit or emergency supplies, UV and sun protection, a map, basic nutrition food and water, waterproof lighter and candle, clothing, and temporary shelter.

While hiking is a good workout, it is best to be prepared to wear the right hiking attire.

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