He’s got a booty. Drip kills enter the game”

Dane Moore: Anthony Edwards on Karl-Anthony Towns swag: “Last year KAT didn’t say a word on the field, and now he’s talking crazy with people. That’s because he’s got swag. He’s got swag. He drip kills entering the game, and flaunts the watch. Yeah. It’s a booty. Sure. Love dat. I love Kat.”
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What is the hype on Twitter?

Dean Mor @DaneMooreNBA
Patrick Beverly on getting to know Karl Anthony’s cities this year: pic.twitter.com/T55vOJdYBW12:43 AM

Dean Mor @DaneMooreNBA
Anthony Edwards in conversation with Karl Anthony Towns:
“I asked him, Do you like success? He thought I was playing. I was asking him a real question. I was like speeding every time and you’d score 40 points… When he goes fast, he can’t be stopped.” – 12:29 AM

Dean Mor @DaneMooreNBA
Anthony Edwards on Karl Anthony Towns’ booty:
“Last year Kat didn’t say a word in court, and now he’s talking crazy with people. That’s because he’s got a swag. He’s got a swag. He drip kills entering the game, flaunting the watch. Yes, it’s a booty. Sure. Love Dat. Love Cat.” -” 12:24 am

Dean Mor @DaneMooreNBA
Anthony Edwards when asked about playing LeBron:
“Anytime I see one of those goats in front of me, I try to go for it. Every time. I don’t. That’s what goes through my mind. Every time I see LeBron, Kevin Durant, everyone in that category, I try to confront them.” – 12:22 AM

Christopher Heine @Christopherhein
Anthony Edwards talks about the transitive property of fine: “Two players on your team should have a swag. It can’t be just one. Once two of them have a swag, then you put it in three, and another four and everyone feels like they’re the man of the hour and that’s what we need.” – 12:13 am

Dean Mor @DaneMooreNBA
Anthony Edwards says he’s been 100% physical in the past three out of four games. – 11:55 PM

Dean Mor @DaneMooreNBA
“I’m serious,” Anthony Edwards said swag nearly 50 times in his post-match press conference.
Ant: “This isn’t Timberwolves who haven’t had a swag since 2004. They’ve got a lot of swag.” – 11:53 PM

Christopher Heine @Christopherhein
The word for Anthony Edwards’ press conference tonight is “booty.” – 11:52 PM

Dean Mor @DaneMooreNBA
Karl-Anthony Towns on his desire to have the ball in a time of crisis:
“In the playoffs, you’re going to see a lot of different things. I’ll say, though, that even Jordan gave it to Kerr for 3. There are a lot of different ways you can win the game. But I definitely like the ball in my hand.” – 11:37 PM

Dean Mor @DaneMooreNBA
Karl-Anthony Towns said after the game that Patrick Beverly told him “it’s your fault” because he allowed the Lakers to get back into the game by getting into trouble.
Kat: “He challenged me. And you know what, I’m going to respond to that. That goes back to the relationship we have.” – 11:30 pm

Dean Mor @DaneMooreNBA
Karl-Anthony Towns in the season finale:
“These are some of the most important basketball in Timberwolves history at the moment, and we are a part of it. So we have to do everything we can to strengthen our position.” – 11:24 PM

Dean Mor @DaneMooreNBA
Karl Anthony Cities in Patrick Beverly:
“He’s our soul. I feel like he’s our Draymond.” – 11:17 PM

Dave early @David early
Kevin Durant says the level of talent and skill is above and beyond what it used to be. Refers to what Joel Embiid and Karl-Anthony Towns do. Jason Kidd’s defense notes that he posted a tweet to slow him down as part of the development as well. – 10:43 PM

Om Youngmisuk @Has bad reputation
Karl-Anthony Towns waved goodbye to the Lakers upon departure. He had 30 though a bad problem. The Lakers lost 3 consecutive times and 12 of the last 15. Minnesota drops them 124-104. LeBron finished the match with 19, Ross with 15, and Milo with 16. 10:33 PM

Kyle John @Calgon
DJ Augustin and Austin Reaves took turns from Anthony Edwards, the game’s leading scorer to leave it open for three. He got 27 points. – 9:52 PM

Tommy Berg @Tommy Berg
Most matches with 30 points for a player 21 or younger this season:
RG Barrett: 9
Lamelo ball: 7
Anthony Edwards: 7
Tyler Hero: 4
There’s Maxi: 4 – 9:51 PM

Jovan Poha @jovanbuha
First Half: Wolves 67, Lakers 46
Carmelo Anthony leads Los Angeles with 13 points from the bench. Wolves dominate the Lakers at the 3-point line (+21). Lakers pool entrees 8 out of 25 (32%). Anthony Edwards burns Los Angeles with 24 points and five 3s. – 9:19 pm

Christopher Heine @Christopherhein
Anthony Edwards has 24 points in the first half (what Karl had on his way to 60, I think) as the Timberwolves led the Lakers 67-46 in the first half. – 9:18 pm

Dean Mor @DaneMooreNBA
Anthony Edwards is back, not the Lakers.
Five made 3 and 24 points in the first half for Edwards
Wolves 67, Lakers 46- 9:17 PM

Kyle John @Calgon
Anthony Edwards hits a transition seconds before the end of the first, and three Tallinn hits that hit the bell after being called out of bounds don’t count.
TWolves 31, Lakers 17. – 8:43 pm

Christopher Heine @Christopherhein
Some things that will change with Jaden McDaniels out, according to Chris Finch. He said Josh Okoji will get a chance to play a few minutes, and more key defensive matches coming up on Anthony Edwards, who could end up being the four in certain formations. – 12:20 pm

Justin Kopatko @Jacobatko
Five different players scored a 50-point match this month:
✅ LeBron James (2x)
Ray Keri Irving (2x)
^ Jason Tatum
^ Kevin Durant
✅ Cities of Karl Anthony
This ties the NBA record for most of these players in a calendar month. pic.twitter.com/1rjz8ij5zq10:10 AM

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In a particular sequence that spread quickly, Russell Westbrook hit the air ball with a three-corner pointer with 3 minutes, leaving 58 seconds. Bouncing on the foul, Towns twice looked at the path the airball was flying in with a puzzled look. “I honestly don’t care,” Westbrook said of the wolves’ talk adorably. “Maybe the other guys [do]. But they didn’t talk to me. They were talking to individuals privately, but talking about trash never bothered me. “Nobody out there did anything in this league that would make me roll my eyes, like, ‘Oh, they’re talking mess. Let me respond. no. decent. they are good. They won the game. Happy with them. Moving on to the next.” – via ESPN/Mar 17, 2022

Earlier in the game, after Patrick forced Beverly to switch Westbrook, Beverly could be seen plugging his nose as if he was saying something smelly and apparently uttering the word “trash” twice. Beverly, who has a history with Westbrook, then took to Twitter to respond to Westbrook’s remark that no one in the wolves “does anything in this league.” “Playoff matches every year,” Beverly wrote while retweeting Westbrook’s answer. “2 Western Conference Finals with 2 different teams Individual stats or team stats? Thought it was a team sport?” – via ESPN/Mar 17, 2022

KAT’s reaction to Westbrook’s air ball 👀 cross Twitter / March 17, 2022