GM Brendan Bean disappointed in Washington commanders after JD McKissic coup

ORCHARD PARK, NY – Bills general manager Brendan Bean has expressed his frustration with the “Washington Commanders” after they offered to run away from JD McKisick’s contract this week, despite McKisick already agreed to terms with Buffalo.

“It was hard. Obviously, he was the person we were targeting, and in this business, in general, if you have an agreement, that’s good,” Bean said Friday. “But until the ink comes out on paper and his agent did a great job. Doug Hendrickson and CJ LaBoy did a great job. There were some things that suffered from another organization that hurt, but they decided to do what they did. and I couldn’t stop it.

“I used to have this when an agent agreed on something with you and then someone else called and said,‘ Hey, what if I add a million dollars? Or what if I do that? What if I guarantee it? ” Once you have an agreement, the agent should say it’s over. And this agent did it. And this agent told the other club that it was all over. But the second club did not back down. If you read mine … “Bean said before stopping.

Bean was clearly annoyed by the situation.

The bills thought they had been given an escape that would reinforce their crime by agreeing to terms with McKisik on Tuesday. Instead, the commanders stormed in and, after initially failing to make a deal with McKisick, gave him a two-year contract worth up to $ 7 million, similar to what the bills offered.

McKisik wanted to return to Washington and agreed to a deal with the commanders on Wednesday.

Bean has a significant history with a number of people in the front office and coaching staff of commanders, especially with executive vice president of football / player staff Marty Hearney and coach Ron Rivera. This applies to Bean’s 19-year stay with the Carolina Panthers, during which he held various positions and studied directly at Herni, whom Bean considers a teacher.

Asked if the situation with McKisik and the close relationship with the people in Washington complicates matters, Bean said: “Yes, yes.”

Earlier this week, Meta Ioannis’ agent Alan Herman told ESPN that senior vice president of the Washington Football Administration Rob Rogers told him that the team was not going to release Ioannis, even though the team eventually did. The situation angered representatives of Ioannidis.

ESPN’s John Came contributed to this report.