Former Santa Rosa Growler hockey players have made conflicting statements about the alleged sexual assault

A woman who reported being raped by three former Growler hockey players told investigators in graphic details that they held her while one filmed the orchestrated attack, police records show.

Moses Matthews III, 33, Dominic Jones, 34, and Josiah Nikkel, 30, were arrested Feb. 5 while in Nevada for a tournament against the Reno Ice Raiders.

At the time, they were members of the Senior A amateur hockey team playing home games at Snoopy’s Home Ice in Santa Rosa.

All three have been charged with sexual assault. Matthews also faces one charge of illegally disseminating an intimate image and is suspected of taking, distributing or displaying an image of another person’s private space, according to court records.

A preliminary hearing to determine whether there is enough evidence to try the defendants is scheduled for Wednesday in Washoe County Court.

During the initial investigation, detectives found that the victim’s timeline was unwavering and in line with hotel surveillance footage, text messages, eyewitness accounts and medical examination results.

A report on the arrest of Reno police states that the accounts of Matthews, Jones and Nikkel, in which they claim to have had consensual sex with a woman, contradicted the evidence and changed from day to day.

Several names and locations related to the investigation were redacted in the report.

‘I can’t move or say no’

According to a report on the arrest obtained by the Press Democrat, the victim was taken to hospital on February 4 due to injuries related to the alleged sexual assault.

After the inspection, she met with detectives and gave them a graphic depiction of what happened when she met Matthews at The Stick nightclub and, at 1 a.m., returned to his hotel room he shared with two other hockey players.

The victim said she had consensual sex with Matthews and he asked her to spend the night. She expressed reluctance until he showed a “Marshalls} badge” in which he identified himself as a police officer. A police report says Matthews is unemployed.

She agreed to spend the night and Matthews drove her to her sister’s house for a night bag before they engaged in consensual sex at the hotel, she said.

The victim also stated that Matthews was on it when Jones and Nikkel entered the room and took off their clothes. Matthews kept her hands down while others sexually abused her, the report said.

Investigators wrote in the report that the victim “lay crying and felt incapable of moving or saying no” while being held.

She saw the lights flashing and believed they were filming her.

According to the report, the victim managed to get out of bed after asking for a phone so she could call a friend. She took her things and left the room weeping, and Moses followed.

She told him “This is not right” in the hallway and Moses drove her home, according to the arrest report.

According to SMS messages received by the police, Matthews later sent her a message from his work mobile phone: “Honey (swearing), I feel so bad.”

Conflicting statements

The victim was later subjected to a rape test, and police launched an investigation.

Investigators approached Matthews at his hotel, and the detective asked him if he knew why they wanted to talk to the three men.

According to the report on the arrest, he answered “Probably about last night”.

Matthews used his phone as they took the elevator to the room and told detectives that his call was for family emergencies before he admitted to contacting a lawyer who advised him not to go to the police station.

Police searched the defendants’ hotel room and phones and believe Matthews filmed the victim during sex and sent Nikkel away without telling her.

Matthews said the sex was consensual and that all defendants denied holding the victim and hearing her say, “I did not report this,” the report said.

Moses gave his account of the previous night, and the other two defendants, who were nearby, supported his version of events.

They later made statements that were inconsistent with evidence, surveillance footage or mutual accounts, even though they were together when investigators first interviewed them, the report shows.

Blake Johnson, captain of their hockey team, issued a statement last month condemning the alleged sexual assault and announced that three men had been removed from the team.

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