Business Tracker Deshaun Watson: Latest News, Rumors About Browns, Saints, Panthers, Falcons

The NFL season has been overtaken by Deshaun Watson Watch.

After it was announced last week that Watson would not be charged by a grand jury – so concerns about a criminal case that would prevent him from playing could be resolved – several teams took to the field to propose to Watson. These teams include the Saints, Panthers, Browns and Falcons.

There are still unanswered questions about Watson’s condition. As he continues his interviews with the teams, he is deposited several times in the 22 civil cases he still faces. But teams seem to be wondering whether he will eventually be disqualified after appearing all season last year due to legal issues over sexual misconduct charges against him.

Watson is also selective about where he goes, as reports indicate that he only waives his non-trading clause for certain teams. While the Saints and Panthers have been at the forefront of this, that could change. He is also associated with the Falcons, while the Browns may be closer to the competition than any of the aforementioned teams.

Here are the latest rumors about Watson’s condition as we wait to see where he goes:

Duchamp Watson Latest News, Business Rumors

March 16

According to ProFootballTalk, Deshaun Watson is “incredibly” upset about choosing a new team. He was influenced by the performances of the Panthers, the Falcon, the Saint and Brown.

It was reported that each organization had its general managers, owners and trainers in attendance.

Jay Glaser from Fox Sports Reports that Watson’s deal may be coming “soon today / tonight”. Leopards, hawks, saints and brownies are all still in his lineup.

Yes, Mirov reported Wednesday The Falcons never processed Matt Ryan’s remake that was scheduled last week. This means that Atlanta will not transfer any of the $ 36.7 million Ryan has earned this year, indicating that he is likely to be transferred.

March 15

The Texans reportedly confirmed all of the deals before Watson met with the teams, meaning the Saints, Panthers, Browns and Falcons all put the packages together at Houston’s request. Watson will eventually have his own choice of where he goes, For Diana Rossini

According to Diana RossiniWatson also contacted the Falcons in person. What this means for Matt Ryan’s future is unclear, of course.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Browns will also meet with Watson and question Baker Mayfield’s status on the team.

– The Falcons are reportedly a sleeping team for Watson, and Watson is from Ginsville, Georgia. Arthur Blanc, owner of Watson, and Falcons also have a previous relationship.

March 13

The Saints and Panthers were among the first teams to make significant offers to Watson. Ian Rapoport reports that Watson will meet with both teams before waiving his non-trade clause.

March 11

Corbin Smith reports The Texans are looking for at least three first-round picks against Watson.