Aston Villa v Arsenal Live Stream: How to Watch the Premier League Anywhere in the World


Aston Villa v Arsenal Live Stream, Saturday March 19, 12.30pm GMT

Arsenal will look to return from a week-long defeat to Liverpool when they visit Aston Villa on Sunday.

Michael Arrata’s men were the better team in the first half of Wednesday’s clash at the Emirates Stadium, but failure to turn possession into opportunities eventually proved costly. Liverpool were more decisive in the final third, as Diego Shoe and Roberto Firmino’s goals brought them a win that saw the Premier League title race once again open.

As for Arsenal, it was a reminder of both the steps they have taken under Artata and the work that is still to be done. The Gunners were more of a match against Liverpool, but they eventually cut to a more mature, off-road side.

It is important that Arsenal return as soon as possible. The North Londoners won five league games in a row, before losing to Liverpool. They are fourth in the table for the last Champions League spot despite having played fewer matches than their rivals. Arsenal’s fate remains in their hands.

Easton Villa also lost in their last race, but Steven Gerrard’s side are still in the right spot. Three of their last three games have brought Villa to the top half of the table, where they expect to remain for the rest of the campaign.

Gerard will have to leave for the Gunners without the likes of Marvels Nakamba and Lucas DeGeney, but Kalam Chambers is expected to be available. Douglas Louise will need to kick off in the run up.

Arsenal will be unable to call on Takayaru Tomiyasu’s services, with Artata stating on Friday that the club was not ready to rush to Japan’s international return from the calf problem.

Is about to begin 12.30pm GMT at the Saturday 19 MarchAnd UK viewers can watch live BT Sports 1General Chat Chat Lounge See below for international broadcast options.

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VPN Guide

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If you’re out of the country for an away Premier League fixture, then sadly your home-based on-demand services won’t work – the broadcaster knows where you are (boo!) Because of your IP address. You will be prevented from seeing it, which is not ideal if you pay for a subscription and you still want to get caught up on Reddit and catch up on the process without having to go through an illegal feed.

But help is at hand. To get around this, all you have to do is get a Virtual Private Network (VPN), assuming it is compatible with your broadcaster’s T&Cs. A VPN creates a private connection between your device and the Internet, meaning that the service may not work where you are and will not automatically block the service that you have paid. All in-the-go info is completely encoded – and that’s the result.

There are several good value options, including:

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UK TV Rights

How the Premier League live streams look for UK members


Sky Sports and BT Sports are once again the two main players, but Amazon also has a slice of the pie in 2021/22.

USTV Rights

How the Premier League Live Streams Look for US Members

NBC Sports Group The Premier League deserves, as well Peacock Premium The streaming platform has shown more than 175 games that were broadcast last season, with other matches split between the NBCSN Channel, CNBC and the Over The Air NBC Broadcast Channel. If you pick fuboTV Subscriptions For games that aren’t on Peacock Premium, you’ll be able to watch every game.

Return to our VPN Advice so that you can benefit while you are out of the country.

Canadian TV Rights

How The Premier League Live Streams Look For Canadian Members



Subscribers can watch each Premier League game in 2021/22 – and it will improve. After the one-month free trial, you only have to pay the rolling $ 20-a-month fee, or it will have a $ 150 annual subscription.

The broadcaster also owns all the rights to the Champions League and Europa League games in Canada.

Do you want to be when you are outside of Canada? Scroll back and check the VPN offers above.

Australia TV Rights

How Premier League Live Streams Look for Australian Members


Optus Sport is offering free Premier League season games for just $ 14.99 / month non-subscriptions, which you can get through the Fetch TV Box and other friendly streaming devices.

To take advantage of when you’re not down, follow the VPN tips at the top of this page.

New Zealand TV Rights

How to watch the Premier League live stream for New Zealand members

Spark Sport offers all 380 games – plus various highlights and magazine shows throughout the week, as well as the Champions League – for $ 24.99 per month, after a seven-day free trial.

Also available are web browsers, Apple / Android devices, Google Chromecast and some Samsung TVs, and Apple TV and Smart TV compatibility are new this season.

Check out our VPN deals to see when you are not in New Zealand.

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